Business Strategy

So all of us in business for the most part send out marketing emails, to business contacts, prospective clients etc. However there is a good way of doing this and a bad way of doing this. First off, there are actually regulations that need to be followed and if you don’t, you can actually end up in jail(seriously). But aside from the really egregious “Black Hat” tactics that I’m sure nobody realizing this actually deploys, there are even from “NO’s” when it comes to contacting partners and prospects. For example, a relatively high end clothing store that I frequent very occasionally has me on their distribution list. No problem there since I presumably game them my email during checkout at some point. Problem is the volume of emails that they send goes way beyond the acceptable. Since Saturday morning they have emailed me NINE, yes NINE times. Four on Sat, Four on Sun and another one this morning. Now what they get is me opting out of their list.

What is an acceptable rate to market to clients and business partners:

a: once per week

b: once per month

c: twice per month

d: once a day or more