Credit Tip of The Week…Credit Bureau Disputes, Good or Bad?

Whats the truth w the credit bureau dispute process.  If you have negative or unrecognized accounts listed on your credit report, should you just send in disputes to the credit bureaus?  Be careful, that could lead to more problems.

While the credit bureaus themselves, advertise how easy it is to submit disputes to them, and even make it easy as clicking a button online, consumers must beware.  The bureaus encourage people to do this because it is a source of revenue for them.  They bill the creditor of the account that is being disputed, each time this occurs.

Also, the basic credit bureau dispute process doesnt typically lead to getting tough information corrected, at least not more than temporarily.  The other problem is that the accounts you are disputing will end up reporting as “in dispute” which is a MAJOR problem if you are applying for something like a mortgage.  You might get declcined for a mortgage even if your scores are good, if you have items listed as “in dispute”.


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