A few things to know.

In what is being dubbed as potentially the “worst leak of personal information EVER”, the Equifax data breach that has affected an estimated 143 million people, is MAJOR news . A few things to know:

1: Be careful to NOT go to the Equifax site and scheck to see if your data was compromised and/or sign up for their offer of free monitoring from “TrustedID”. Signing up for htis free monitoring, requires you to agree to Equifax terms of serivce, which includes binding arbitration, and would therefore restrict you from access to the courts for remedy. A Sneaky move by Equifax.

2. Place a 90 day “Fraud Alert” on your file at Equifax. https://www.alerts.equifax.com/AutoFraud_Online/jsp/fraudAlert.jsp
They will, in turn notify Experian and TransUnion on your behalf, so you dont need to contact them separately.

3. Contact Legal Counsel if you know that you were impacted by this data breach and it has resulted in damages. Equifax knew about this data breach long enough for several of their top Executives to sell company stock of almost $2 million, PRIOR to alerting the public about the breach.